Aww man tis, it’s that time of year again and I am still at the place of well see gif.

So this TB promo, well see gif>>>

which makes me think oh lawd fucking Sookie see gif>>>

then I think of all the Bull shit that about to come on my screen Oh Lawd>>>

So there is the promo of TB if you cal it that, Gawd I just can’t anymore with this show, tis is normally my mood to TB around tis time of year but to be honest it fucking with my Wifi, I want to give it unconditional love and all but then I watch it and shit. Makes me not want to give a fuck. Then there is Sookie I want her to be my hero then she speaks and I want to slap her and Anna P. The only reason why I give two shits and a fly about tis show now is Alexander Skarsgard which is sad, not for  the name that is mention but the fact that I adore AB work but tis show is being killed off every season and I can’t face palm anymore I like my face and if I continue I may losing my eyebrows have you ever seen someone without eyebrows that some scary shit, so in short or in gif me thinking about TB right now, yeah see gif, I should start buying glue and watch it dry maybe the fumes will help the chemical reactions of excitement but now it’s..

Has someone in my Granny’s circle use to preach (she is no longer with us) we need to pray to Jesus our lord about tis. (she was a simple woman a peaceful woman) But she no longer here so I don’t think our lawd will be listening, plus he ain’t got HBO. Blows!

I can’t stand Bill Compton, I just can’t but I adore Stephen Moyer and Him and Alex off camera OMG Amazeballs really love watching them.  Which is why I would love to watch them film TB I would enjoy it I love the behind the scene filming, even tho it can be boring as hell but I would give a night and freeze my tush off and watch them. (if there was some spanking or caressing I wouldn’t might at all) Would be cool to watch Alex work too.  I like these Behind the gifs cool.

 hahaha love it, them so much. ( do you guys hang out? Please hang out more)

 I love tis the make up is very fucking real man. I dig it.

 maybe tis dude would like to change shift/jobs with me. I can apply red paint, ketchup for  a long ass time too. Don’t worry Alexander he is NOT mentally register every inch of your biceps, naw that’s just me.

I know it sounds like I am hatin on TB it’s not like I want to, God I would love to be all jazz about it but honestly I am yet to be impressed, I will watch it, hello Eric Northman please without a doubt be tuning in so let’s hope TB got their shit together so I can fangurl but we have been down this road of hope before and well it just never ends well


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