Alexander, Askars. Boo boo kitty mitten whys you not at my place yet yello!!

So I just want to take a moment and just be like.

Alexander, Askars, Boo boo kitty mitten whys you not at my place yet or me at yours yello!! I know there are a list of things that’s are wrong with the world and needs some dire  sorting out  but this for me right now is top   priority Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyysssssssssssssssssssssssssssss, you not mine? Whys we not doing it? Whys we not making out from dusk till the wee hours in the on a religious basis like it was our new religion that not only should be taken seriously but sensual just sayin is all I CAN’T AND REFUSE TO UNDERSTAND WHYS YOU NOT HERE celebrating the art of  luvs  making and testing out the art of  kamasutra in various places and different locations. Yello! Now I will use an prefectly good Alexander gif to demonstrate my… well… cause everythime I think about tis tis is how I react…see gif. Tis has past confused I am confizzled, conjizzled and I may need to pay Snoop copyright fees… but still my I still don’t compute the whys….  see he understands me even when he is screwing me over and not in the way I would like to be screw over, I don’t like to be screwed over wrongly Alexander I don’t just FYI.

So me and Alexander not having the sex is so confizzling…

 That’s some straight up Bullshit if  you ask me and even if you are not asking me I am telling you, this is some Bullshit. So much disappointment right now, It’s not cool not be  wanted or feeling rejected. He needs to find me and invite me over tho it will resolve everything.

Why am I seeing other dude penis swing slapping me on screen (saw The Fass in Shame) but it’s not about the penis it about the man it’s attached to. I am still have no luster for Fass and I watch Shame and let’s just say it’s impressive what he is walking around with. Why are men flirting with me (and my new FB profile pic is kinda encouraging attention too, hey I thought it was fun and funny so I put it up there, I have gotten some interesting queries about it tho, lol I find it amusing that interest from a FB profile pic)when the only voice I would like to hear whispering sweet nothings  is his and watch his lips closer in to mine I have a strong desire to be upon them ever so much.

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