INVITE ME IN, OVER ALEXANDER, stop resistin me dude just quit IT and call me.

So it’s friday and still no invite.  This MOTHERFUCKER, he just needs to invite me over already man.

AGAIN … ALEXANDER  Johan BOO BOO KITTY Hjalmar Skarsgård. Well Just fucking stop okay just give in and send an invite GOD DAMMIT!! JUST DO IT!

So anyways Joe fucking Cocker (hello cock–er)  is on my Ipod being played to death leave your hat on. Alexander in a suit sweet jesus do I need to say any more. Actually yes. I would LOVE  him to very much be in this suit and slowly take everything off I will bring a hat and he can leave it on. I am going to need you to do this strip tease  real nice and real slow boo boo there is no need to rush, never any rush with the sexing with you, oh no never just slowing it down and enjoying the view, uhmm now that’s what I am talking about.

Could you Alexander be a swedish peach and slowly strip to this for my birthday, hell I will return the favour honey,  pick a song and let’s do this.

This is when Mickey looked cute and shit and now he scare the besus out of me. Why people keep fucking with their face. God anyways…I’ll bring the hat the song is on my ipod get your suit on and ready and leave your hat on. Swooning. I can can see my weekend with have alot of sexual frustration GAWD he does hates me.  hahaha when he smiles like tis I can forgive anything he is just so fucking adorable. LOVE HIM!

haha tis shoot was funny, modeling crazy gig.

 i could stare at those arms (le sigh!) sweet jesus your arms tho, you should let me kiss them jesus lawd. WHY?! we not doing it, like right now okay but still.

Ah fuck it as Eric Northman says  yes sir we will hopefully before my birthday or on my birthday. Who the hell grant wishes make it happen K forget cake just him is sweet enough. (okay wait a minute now cake is great, him and cake yeah that’s a nice winning messy sexy edible combo. Yeah some of that and some sweet dessert. )

I still miss your face, I am totally greedy now. Miss IT very much. So come out and let me see it again. I am missing his face  an awful alot ugh, it’s starting to depress me. Sort it out man, send an invite Dammit!!


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