I miss your face, I know I just saw pics but I am greedy like that now.

Yeah I AM greedy  NOW

I deleted my last post because  Frankly when I started tis blog it was my way of lusting after him in peace without the Bullshit that is so called gossip right now. Especially about him so many people in the “know” and also my way of …

I was enjoying seeing his GG pics, suit and Cardigan and all. Then it got tainted by gossip I don’t know why I read those shit, I know it’s easy to it’s in your face and your fans sometimes are fucking crazy . But there you have it shit was just far too quiet and peaceful for a while and it just had to explode to madness. So I am  going to listen to my gut and call total Bullshit on this 411 and continue the way I was I am always up for change, especially if you are in it and infront of me.

Anyway my point being, the only reason why I spend my time on him yes, yes, I have declare Love for him, tis I have still NOT regretted. I do regret that we are not doing the devil’s deed right now but I blame Alexander for that he wouldn’t give me his body and his heart all that rom con stuff that girls are fed from early childhood which we all want delivered in real life.

So anyways, I am just going to keep watching him and if he has a new girl I am sure he will let us know. (Right!) I am pretty sure his shit NOT that weak anymore (I hope not Askars, new year and new growth and all that jazz) So I am going to say that if he is a relash he would man up and show us (Me included) that he is taken.

So in short all that bla, bla, is simple me saying  in a whole lot of words I AM HIS GIRL AND HE IS MY GUY. Until he shows or tell me otherwise that’s how I am still rolling.

Oh I miss your face really, I would appreciate some clean untainted images of you doing whatever without the gossip rubbish that’s flowing around out there. TACK!

 haha I like tis one it’s a funny expression. Must be the flash. But oh my did he look Fabulous and fine in that suit. A+ Boo boo kitty. A+

I want to go find him,  cuddle and… well but I am like a vampire now he needs to INVITE ME IN, in all corners of his life. Also So I can have Passionate Primal Sex with him. 


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