He is indeed a Kool Kat The Source that is Papa Stellan

Look at him?! He still got it, I am pretty sure he shit is smooth, like velvet smooth I knew that from day one. Maybe Alexander should inherit some of those smoothness velvet qualities (some of it, you know the going after it part) My boo boo kitty is sometimes too shy. You know he doesn’t  goes straight after what he wants he deliberates far too long over things. Well it’s apparent Kool Kat is not like that.

Look at him, haha he still got it. Whatever that flavor is that’s in his water bottle. He Still got it, Good stuff.

This video is priceless. Still kinda bum that I have seen almost all his offsprings, met and desire one (take a wild guess) Saw his Wife and Not him and also not mama My.

Anyways you can see he is happy about the news I mean He is the Source and it’s good to see the First born and The Source spending time together. But what is this I see

Twinsies. TWINSIES.

This man tho, we could hang out and it will be awkward sometimes but golden. A couple care bear hugs for Papa Stellan.

I don’t know if it is the matching polo but you look very much like Kool Kat boo boo. You def look like he did in Breaking the Waves, yep no mistake that’s your Papa. If this is you at 60 I can deal easily and if your shit still so smooth it’s all good.  We will be just fine and active.

But your face tho, you are NOT having any of what is being said or goings on. LOL I always get the feel when these two are together that some out shining is taking place. (Looking at you Papa Stellan you still got it, Alexander just got more, but you know you would listen cause you know you’re an Actor and apart of that consists of image right?!)

This just made my week, I very happy to see  Papa Stellan in LA you two are hanging out Good stuff. I WANT TO CUDDLE THE SHIT OUT OF BOTH OF YOUS.


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