Fine ass specimen of a man even better in a suit, that so happens to be my GUY. Whaa …No boby wears a suit like he does NO BODY!!

Just fine for no GOD DAMN REASON. Other than to make me frustration as hell… Dude you just need to succumb and be mine already okay. Let’s make a live connection GOD DAMMIT!! Making my heart hurt, my soul weep and my lady bits go in a frenzy and with that point 

Your lips need my lips okay, I got lip balm among other things.

Alexander your smile tho, tis picture GAWD my vagina.

His face tho, I need to be making out with it for a bit, a while FOREVER. Wesus come on now, Somebody make this shit happen.

your hands tho, your suit and your face the only thing missing from these pics and that party was my hands in your pants and between your shirt whaa, couldn’t get me off of him. I’ll be all over him like I was reading Braille.

You just need to be mine already God damn, and take your suit and cardigan with you.

Good weekend pics are GREAT. A+ on the whole damn thing. You should come find me so I can demonstrate my appreciation. I got alot of things to appreciate about you come on, come over and let me demonstrate.


HEY you seem to not want to make yourself HAPPY that’s cool your cage and all but do me a SOLID could you and come  make ME HAPPY. Complete the deal and make it real by using your lips to co kiss the mentally contract of you being my GUY and all.

Your face and your smile makes me smile, like I am smiling right now. I am loving the tossel hair encourage the imagination of me well… I don’t really need encouraging but thanks anyways. JESUS GOD I FUCKING LOVE YOU SO GOD DAMN MUCH. IT’S SURREAL SO MUCH LOVE FOR YOU. JUST SO MUCH LOVE FOR YOU. MY EMOTIONS.

I don’t know if they fit would like to help you find out about that tho, but I would say bring your own and bring ALOT. We will most def would have to get some more. whaa too early, lol


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