The Eighth Skarsgård it sounds like an Epic Swedish movie or Biopic doesn’t it but Naw it’s just The source at it again. He is fertile and he knows it.

it should actually read he is fertile and he knows it.The source aka Papa Stellan for the eighth time is taking the population statue of Sweden very seriously (because there are NOT that many Swedes I know shocking but it’s true apparently there are parts of Sweden that are not inhabited maybe they should give it to Stellan and say go ahead man do what you do best repopulate our nation) But on a serious note are you surprised?! I am NOT. I mean he is remarried to a younger woman who didn’t have any kids of HER OWN  so it’s only natural that they are at it again and I am sure The Source is very please that his ink can still create masterpieces. I am going to quote my heart’s desire. I come from a platoon of people I don’t have a family but it is something that I really want.(really dude is it?! Funny I brought this topic up last week and bam baby news) Megan want her own platoon of Skarsgårds.

I hope Megan has a girl there needs to be another Skars girl in the first generation Stellan Skarsgård  platoon give Eija some female company. I am going to say it is a girl and if this is just annouce I guess she is in the safe zone, so the baby is about September or October birth.

I am not feeling her dress but I am feeling her accessories I like the yellow pop of it and she’s a pretty lady  I am sure her daughter will be lovely. So Alexander Skarsgård is going to be a big brother again good for him, he should get more practice on being a papa. What?!  I am sure  his Granny Skars after hearing the news turns to her gandsons and went soooooooooooooooo before I pass away a great grand anytime you young ones are ready. She  May not directly look at Alexander maybe Gurra since he has been in a longer relationship.

 This year the Eighth Skarsgård no NOT the movie the real thing. LOL They should call her the eighth I would.

Wishing Megan a great pregnancy and a one push birth. But she has child bearing hips so she will be just fine and they say the second time is easier, but people say alot of things, still going with the one push birth. CONGRATS  Grattis To STELLAN AND MEGAN. I don’t call him THE SOURCE  for nothing. I have a feeling that Alexander is just as fucking fertile as his dad and I’ll be on my back alot for delivery and Alexander passionate primal Insemination Well hell I CAN NOT BE MAD AT THAT nope kinda looking forward to it. Let’s just say they seem like a potent bunch.

So I guess when I’ve been voicing to repopulate the nation a Skarsgård did hear me and respond with his wife who lives in Sweden. Hey Alexander the offer is still there you know consider I declared myslef your girl and you’re my guy and all, we should get on that no?! I still waiting for a response dude  it’s not like my mom is egging to be a Nana again but I am sure she wouldn’t mind the grand babies. I know my shit is lost when I am around especially new born it like that nature tune switch on and damn you want one of those. But new borns are adorable, so tiny and fragile  and soft and cute as hell. If they like you give you the sweetest smile ever. Priceless.

But I am afraid Mr. A Skarsgård is still weed wacking his life and babies are NOT on his plate for the moment (or is it, I think it is though) maybe he is  going to be a HW bachelor for a while. You know because…I have no idea. (he loves the misery) But I am just saying I would need at least a full year of  Pro:>Creating practice before the bun can rise in the oven.  I have to have fun with him and myslef before  I give the ultimate body sacrifice. It is please. It’s like nine months not  a week. But I would like  me a couple of babies, yeah. So Alex you know what I am going to say right, come on you and I both know what I am going to say. I could have said it but it wouldn’t be like it is now. BUT YOU KNOW.

for your learning swedish pleasure.No it’s NOT swedish porn

Stellan & Megan baby news


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