You went to Costa Rica without me DUDE!!! UNACCEPTABLE.

 Don’t look at me like that, but I am gonna throw that look back in your face from reading you went to Costa Rica without me, you could have called or send an email and yes I have beach envy ugh?! You don’t look Sun Kiss, BUT your lips tho

Dear Alexander Skarsgård aka sexual thunder you went to  Costa Rica, to the Beach without me UGH!! NOT COOL Dude it’s like twice now, GAWD and here I am now struggling with what and where to go for my B_DAY  the beach is first choice of course got the bikini and the sandals plus Motivation. But the fucking dates, flights, money are NOT matching. Plus My sister is hesitant to be plus 1. My niece is still has school UGH! I would rather go with her and be pretend lovers. It comes in handle in certain unwanted situation. What! I totally do that when we see someone we like, it back to this my sister. Would go with BFF but she has a boyfriend and I can’t be really naughty don’t want to feel guilty about leading her astray .

But my ideal B-Day would be on the beach in my two piece with my toes wiggling in the sand great view and some sex on the beach (the cocktail or.._) I could do with some sun the weather sucks ass and I have the winter blues.. But then I see you and now I am thinking of going to LA to find you and tell you to jump out of a cake or jump out of your GYM apparel lets gets dirty in the shower. (it’s not the beach but it would do)

I just found out one of my LA friends who has an automobile fancies you ALOT so I am sure she wouldn’t mind trolling for you, But your shit is all  switch up and I am NOT in the mood to search around to find you especially on my B-day and feel BUMPED OUT after. (no good, I would need  like a Certainty of some kind like an INVITE to your shag pad would do well, that’s what I would call it cause that’s what I would want to do like ALOT ALOT plus cuddling, whaa sometimes cuddling just needs to happen) Plus LA is too cold for bikinis(heat although I am pretty sure you and your bod could provide that) I mean I already bought some. I would probably end up seeing you somewhere tho, I am lucky or unlucky like that. I would totally be all in your face like.

Me: Hey, how ya doing Alexander?

You be like

Alex:I am ok. Can I help with something?

ME: Yeah, it my B-day so I was thinking me, you, a stool, bed or something soft or accommodating for  Birthday sex and I kinda sorta promise online to give it to ya the Belated B-day sex too. Sooooooooooo

Alex: Umm  that’s really nice of you and all  but no.
I be like

ME: Dude! So  Not cool, I ain’t even sad tho, its cool I am just going to die away now, I mean walk away now (trying not t cry.)

Cause  I can take alot of things but I don’t know if I could take rejection  on/ around my B-day I COULDN”T RECOVER FROM THAT.  I would come home and delete/ block shit and cold turkey forget you. I would be done. I would totally take it personally.

So what to do, what to do I am confuse right now. I will ponder further but you could come over and visit me that would resolve/ clarify everything. I still want to go on the beach tho, it’s def happening this year. Since you’re my guy and I am you’re girl we should go to the beach together.

PPS I just got way too much LOVE for this man, UGH just too much LOVE for Alexander Skarsgård, It frustrates me sometimes. My CARE for him. BUT  I really do UGH!!

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