Okay so I can talk now and yes I needed to make 4 separate posts. I mean come on GYM pics Hello please..

First of all


and second


and third these pics and seeing your nipples makes me want to

and fourth let’s get physical. Whaa…let me hear your body talk for the love of GAWD

and since everything should end in a dance move..

OH my god I feel I should go take a nap now…  Just got so much going on in me.

But on a serious note dude, Come on, YOU and ME when is this going to HAPPEN???… I was going to say beach trip would be ideal for B-day but right now I will take you in Gym apparel (optional) getting sweaty and animal in the back seat of your car or anywhere, you read correctly

Not like I am choosing favourites cause here I so don’t, you still can’t make me but DAMN your gym pics always. ALWAYS gets me going. Your Sexual Thunder and all. I am loving your really dude face there. (which is adorable but I was particular interest in the lips and staring at them, it could take some moistering, my lips are ready JUST SAYIN) They found you huh, ain’t gonna lie cause I can’t. This made me happy even tho you don’t look piss somewhere inbetween really and okay so you’re just going to stand there and click yeah kinda disppointed (pretty much my feeling on still NOT having the sexy time with YOU. Yes I needed to say that again) that your invisibility cloak  fell off or expired and you got snap. This could be the selfish wicca in me talking but it sure is good to see you and it’s even better when you are in GYM apparel epecially when your nipples say hello. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy! What are you doing at your gym? Why am I not apart of it. But I hate the gym I am more of an outdoor kinda gal I need change of scenery and I wouldn’t be able to concentrate if you were working out infront of me.I would just STARE, but  I am just happy you do work out thay is, the only work I want to do is sexercise with you that’s it. I would hit the gym after child birth that’s the only reason for me to go.

But dude, your Sunnies  it needs to be on my face, I dig them,  I would wear them, I love your new Nike sneaks too with the matching B&W shirt very stylish. Coordinating and all you fine Motherfucker you.

This SOB tho, sorry but it’s the sexual frustrations talking,  I only call him these names because he WOULDN’T. REFUSE to  have the sexy times with me over and over again till we gets exhausted, I mean come on, you work out, so you can handle me. I would be gentle at first afterwards Dude I don’t even know myslef.

Why did you cut your hair tho, I was looking forward to tugging on it while….. well I still want to mess up tho and ran my hands through it while making out with your face yeah.


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