Yo Alexander boo boo Skarsgård where you at???

I mean really I know it’s your life and you have one, my luster is my own and you seem to refuse to feed the beast in me bla bla but dude maybe you can go to the GYM or summin but since I don’t want them to hound you and such. It’s award season coming up so just hit up all them award party up and network and get your face further out there,  talk business while looking fine as hell.

Because lawd knows you look oh so fine in suits. What?! Please he always almost 99.9.1/2% (I could have said 100 but it is not as dramatic) wears the fuck out of those suits.

Okay so since it is 2012 and he ruled my 2011 (okay mid 2011 but who is counting) and there was so much awesomeness that happened in 2011 I OD on his sugar sweetest. I can’t choose  A PIC that’s like asking me what part of Alexander’s bod bits I like best or which one of our future children to save I just couldn’t. But since I have not had the pleasure  (why tho Alex I mean come on) to do the body work (that his Alexander 6 feet summin) I can’t just choose one. Why must I anyways I like the guy and I like his exteriors and his interior as far as I am consider he has got it just right for me.

But BUTTTTTTTTTTTT if I was force to choose it would most def be the gym pics. It should be merchandise so I can buy them.especially because he is in shorts and they are fucking hot and I love them. Hello he has great legs and it motivates me to run my hands up there. But he rarely wears shorts so when he does there is a frenzy in my pants. Sad that he doesn’t wear shorts more he has great hairy man legs and I def get a great kick out of seeing them.  I love him in a suit too that’s like numba 2 and TB season 4 suit was Fuck yeah  do you see that, his smile OMG I CAN NOT EVEN  his smile makes the package complete even his smirks. My loins, so in short, just afterparty the shit out of award season dude in a nice suit and swag that place up  whilst wheeling and dealing (just don’t sell your soul) UGH that suit tho was. My lady junctionand the Tiff suit was hell fucking yeah too.  Alexander Skarsgard in suits I love his demeanor from August he smiled alot and seem to be enjoying his life which is great to see cause I do love his smile and he has a cute adorable innocent laugh too. I  LOVE IT. It makes his eyes much more mesmerizing. I am NOT choosing favorites here you can’t make me do it but I am using examples.

I love all his magazine spreads they were all great and different. I really like GQ Duitland there was a video, he looked happy in it, he smile and you know I like to see him smile. I just do. . He looks great when he is moderately happy, can you imagine the joy in seeing him fucking Happy. It would be nuclear. I would need blinders for my eyes.

I always like seeing him being on TV. Fuck I just like to see him in motion and in/ doing different things he was awesome balls on all of them. Oh yeah I am posting smiling Skars because it makes me happy when he smiles or when he sees happy I smile.

Then I liked seeing him in Melancholia because it was English speaking and it was something different and even tho he was a dork he looked FANGTASTIC on the big screen.

 his eyes are amazing so much life in there. He is great at expressing himself through them too and  sometimes it fucks with my concentration. Yes Eric fucking Northman I do love that character and it was an awesome season of Eric I loved AE and Badass bitch I rip your heart out with witness around  Northman They all appeal to me but Hey I am all about both sides of the coin.

But he has that sorrow in the eyes pat down tho. That could be because he is Dystra MFer but I will touch on that later.

I was feeling his casual wear too, I was feeling him alot last year just OMG Alot seriously OD on his sugar sweet.

I was def feeling his mojo in Brazil all of a sudden he was enjoying his trip. Awesome balls and he was great with his foreign fans, he’s great with his fans period which is Great. He is a really nice guy. I LOVE HIM yeah even in 2012 that is still def happening. Still can’t say I regret it cause I DON’T

I am looking forward to his 2012 movies there are very diverse set of films but I really want to see him as Step dad with Onata on What Maise Knew cause god, they looked great together and he fits that role very well. Maybe cause I think he was be an awesome dad in real life too. He seems to have the patience it takes with kids.

I want to see The  East too anything about the taking down Big cooperation and environment I will like to see. so yeah! Good year for him he is going to be busy that’s for sure. Disconnect from Fashion sense too, hell bring it HBO, I might just give TB another chance Might being the word here.


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