So it’s offical I am his girl, he is my guy. What?! Too soon, hell naw Alexander is dragging his feet here and tis is how I am starting the new year.

I mean it’s only fair you know, we been having sexual relations (in head) for months now. Umm correction since 2010 (god damn that  has been a while) Yeah I am his girl and he is my guy and we shall repopulate the nation (ok a state or where ever we lay roots) and no my cheese has not fall off my cracker (looks down on floor, Nope cheese still on cracker)  but then        zero

So I though I would come back and see summin, a fan pic his goings on or written of his going ons. Nuttin… well he wasn’t at my place that’s for damn sure.  F-UC-K-IN SADNESS. But still Sup sexual Thunder where you at?? Not my place. (yes I felt the need to repeat that because it’s a fucking crime against my desires,  my loins and my body that he wouldn’t let me…well)

Alexander  I think he is. I don’t bite Alexander (well that depends on what we’re doing)

So yeah I am making the move because you know I said a couple post back that he is a DYSTRA motherfucker but True story  like he wants to be happy but he sabotage himself alot. Like he is afraid of suceeding to that high level of all parts of his life. His choice and voicing of his career seem to sing a different song tho. Good for him he is going all the way and committing to his career. Now  I am going to bet to the good health of our first born son (hello the title post) that he spend his after Xmas in a cabin/hotel beating and hammering out the possibilties of his life to death. ( or he was having wild sex without me, either ways that some sad shit but I am going to go with the first) 

I don’t think you should hammer,  weighing out sure, but not hammer to death but Alexander is his own worst enemy and I get the feeling that he’s way too hard on himself. (these pics makes me wanna)  I am pretty sure he has GREAT instinct but he doesn’t follow them as he should or often enough. If he follow his inner voice of truth he doesn’t need to beat himself up about the what ifs of life. It would Free up his life a bit for him to enjoy it even more and open him up for better possibilities.

So anyways while I was on the train ( I had some new year booze I wasn’t drunk but still) going back home from the fireworks, I remember this picture (yes he is still very much in my train of thoughts, he was right there with my 2012 thoughts, I am just going with the flow of it, can’t fight the deep desire)and what he said, it just pop in my head. Oh god does he look fine in this or does he look damn fine in this. DAMN FINE HELLO!! He almost look fake. ALMOST. But I digress that pic will do that tho. I saw this pic months later after being in the fandom but I never dug too deep. I still don’t.  But there it is with his quote.  I thought it was sweet and kinda sad when I read it first. Sweet for awwwwww he wants that you know the family thing Great! But Sad that he has yet to achieve, but notice I said achieve not find.  Most guys don’t say that it’s not cool you know to want to be a papa and settling down roots especially when you are a Hot spud and chicks wants your sausage and what NOT  I don’t know why tho money and clothes fame and all the other BS is not really what life is really about. It about who you go home to, call when you need to talk or share your deepest and darkness to and laugh, share funny shit with(in my Opinion anyways)

Family and having something like bonding with another human being and feeling love, safe and care for is GREAT and it should be something everyone aspire to do. Not the latest bag, shoes and trends but yeah having your own family, your wife or husband and kids are great. I mean you help create that little person together with that someone and there is a bond there.  I would love him to have that, but here in lays the problem. He said he wants it but I am pretty sure he scare of going after it. This could be his Dystra, hammering the shit out of things instead of sometimes just going with the flow of life.

Me, I follow the current I don’t row against it. Alexander Skarsgård rows against it but as the say the older the wiser you get the less you resist your inner more powerful you and you listen more especially to yourself.

I mean he is great with Kids, you saw that with Onata (Jelly beans)he should make his own tiny humans and be happy. Even if it NOT with me, (Nooooooooooooooooooooo) but  I would get over it eventually, ( I know the title said I am his girl and what not, but I am not being a Debbie Downer) No if it is not meant to be me then yeah what can you do. He also said something about family  (but he sound more sincere in the earlier interview) last year too, so he wants it (who really doesn’t tho)Just sayin my Dr Phil on thing and since my womb desires (it has a fucking strong, that is def a first or me evera)to foster his offsprings and my body desires his. Hello you do the math.

I still don’t know what is his CORE motivation, everybody as one, pretty sure he does too. Obviously his sole goal is not worldy possesions (I hope not) but I still can’t put a finger on it but anyways In short I am his lady and he is my guy, my squeeze, my boo boo or as Eric Northman puts it.

Oh this song been on the radio, everywhere and I can’t escape it. It is now stuck in my head and it kinda sorta my train of thought right now so it’s  my 2012 theme song.


It’s Rihanna You Da one, (apparently a CB track) it the lyric video I am NOT posting the video it looks like a STD video with awesome backing music like she got crabs or something. Why are you grabbing your vagina so much Rihanna? Do you need  cream or something? Please Just stop with the over sexing of your videos. I like you man,  you’re too cute and pretty for whatever tis is, it makes you look cheat and skanky.


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