So it’s 2012 and i am still doing him (in my head) still counts tho. But Happy New Year Y’all

My New Year started off awesome saw the public firework by the sea with friends,  booze and snack, we are all still alive and not demage or hurt. It was wonderful watching the fireworks there was alot of kissing on the cheek and hugging can’t be mad at that. Alot of friendly people you don’t know wishing and hugging in the New Year. Great stuff so here are a few of my pics of mine and I have awesome footage too. Only one thing missing, take a wild guess I am sure you will get.

It has been a while since I’ve seen the fireworks outside I normally spend it with family or out at a party inside or summin (normally it’s too fucking cold outside and I would die I am sure) but this year the temperature was just right, so I said why the hell not. Good way to start the year by being outside and I have a great feeling that this year will be great. And no I wouldn’t die like the rest of the world is thinking sorry Mayans I check my calender and it’s does not have the END for me. Tick, tock folks don’t think so tho just live your god damn life just like the rest of life you just never know when it’s gonna be.

Plus I have yet to have my way with a certain Swedish someone in ways that well… so yeah it can’t be the end.

The year started great and I am embarking upon  alot of new things and people so I am looking forward to the coming months.

Oh Fish, oh fish I love your luster for Askars and there is NOT enough appreciation for his sexual thunder, There should always be APPRECIATION  for his THUNDER, he is the real life Thor, there is always lighting in my pants for or when I see him. Always! Even when I am mad at him.

The superficials

So here are our favorite moments of 2011 that readers didn’t repeatedly click on because you’re too homophobic to appreciate the rich, sexual thunder of Alexander Skarsgard that thrusts its way into you and awakens a lust you yourself never knew existed.. is how Photo Boy described it. I’ve never seen those words before in my life. My diary’s a liar!


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