So in a few days it’s Christmas and in a couple of days it’s 2012 but first of all best wishes.  A Merry Jolly Christmas with family and good friends are anyone that you consider close to you. I am doing a post drive by after this I am back to wrapping Cristmas presents and christmas recipes for my guest on Xmas day. There will be alot of Rum nogging and food devouring and noise and what ever jolliness that the day brings. 

I already bake the cakes and give aways some cake and make the rum nog and gave away some rum nog. I made a new batch  but I am very sure that it will be done are almost done on Sunday. 

So here are some videos to get you in the Christmas spirit if you are not already there. 

I am already 60% because of the nog god that shit is so good I made some and gave it to some friends and they’re  telling me it’s fucking delicious and it is and I am almost afraid of drinking it all because it really is so fucking good. It’s like crack you can’t drink one cup. Sometimes things come out so perfect and taste so good it’s like the hand of god was helping you make it and with tis one it is. I mean it always good but god it’s like really good tis time. I am going to have to make another batch but I’ll hold a little away just in case it’s not as great as this one. hahaha but no it is so fucking delicious I inhale it almost but yeah the rum factor in them both is almost always a 99.9% winning combo hell everything from our xmas tradition food has rum in it there are 3 things that goes around our house hold around this time and that’s the rumnog the wine/rum fruitcake and the wine/rum drink and yeah you better live close by or eat it at home because if you eat all three then yeah good chance you’ll be tipsy. Hell my ass probably will be with drinking the nog in between cooking and sneaking pieces of cake before the feast but yeah our Tradition is put more rum in it and funny we don’t drink but at christmas it’s like we are catching up. 

When my mother would ask me to taste stuff, I would say it needs more rum and she would say I just put some in there and I be like yeah more rum in there now. She know it will be coming.

Anyways whether or not your drinking virgin cake or nog have a great Christmas.

I fucking love this song

So I was told today that I got something that I really need for christmas present. I said Alexander Skarsgard. They said No! I am like why, why do you say things like that to me you know my train of thought is on him so… They said I said NEED. I was like Hello please at this point I don’t just only want his fine ass I Need him like he was my kidney donor . Yes! I NEED him. Well I don’t have Alex for you but I do have something that you need, you’re welcome.  I was like cool, thanks I really appreciate it and then afterwards I got to thinking if it is what I really think it is. I really do need it and it will save my life so yes, I am very happy with said present if it is said present but GOD I would really like this Mother next to my xmas tree with nothing more than a blanket on and a ….


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