For the Love of God see I NEED him in my life like. I NOT only want but I NEED Alexander Skarsgård yeah, for the love of GAWD!!

So yeah, look at him (I am) look at him wearing fitted pants and Sun kissed and hot and me dying, he looks amazeballs. I think I have seen all different variations of Askars and I got to say I would take him either which ways then I would ripped off all his clothes during passionate primal sexing so he would have to buy new ones. Sorry I have seen most/all of his clothes repeatedly and they brought out the vain bitch in me that needs to take him shopping and… UGH!!! look how hot he is in tha pants., look how hot he is period. I mean this was a good look for him sun kissed and gorgeous and and fuck he’s going to look so god damn FINE~ in Battleship. Jesus I keep clocking his crotch area. He makes me seriously sexually frustated cause I am not doing him  non stop or for  a week.

Man I have a week for myslef next week and god would I love to be doing him next week till new year Tuesday Nothing on the agenda yet but god I would love to pencil him in my week,  hell I would love to be doing him now. I don’t need a week off to do him. I just need him that’s enough reason.

Beardy Askars, delicious… hold on a sec …  We ARE NOT HAVING THE SEX> UGH!! No really I just CAN NOT anymore. Staring at him from behind my screen is getting too much and a little depressing. UGH!! I want the man and the real thing to touch, hold and feel up.  I fucking suck as a fan gurl. I don’t know how y’all do it. That’s why I don’t fangurl (yes I know I am actually fangurling right now but overall I don’t do this shit) I am more one to one,  person to person being if I like something I need to have it close be around it not via cyberspace. It fucks with the margin of reality and I don’t like things fucking with my margin of reality. UGH Frustrations.

Anyways  Alexander Skarsgard hope you get what you want for 2012. Professional wise it’s looking good and you have a very busy promoting year ahead of you. You will be just fine I believe in your magic and 2012 has 99,9% chance of being yours don’t fuck it up.


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