This got nothing to do with much but it’s Bruce Springsteen so it is justified and other awesome ish

So the last couple of Days instead of xmas carols and what not I got Bruce in miy head some how and I got Dancing in the dark stuck in my head, Hey I lve me some Spingsteen and No one rocks a tight jeans like Bruce and No one rock a tight jeans and make it hot while in roll up sleeves shirt like Bruce check out his tush and them me their is no desire. Take note Alexander a little tightness goes a long way YUM!!

Hey baby!! Since it dark outside and I like dancing let’s dance in the dark to Bruce’s 1984 Bruce shuffle try not to rock to it.
You can’t start a fire  you can’t start a fire without a spark, this gun for hire even if we are dancing in the dark (that line  is for Alexander)

He is a good looking man with quite nice assets and he aged quite well too

There is no reason needed to post this song it Phil Collins and in the air

This sounds like a stalker theme song but The Police and it’s good

I am going down a rabbit hole here and I can fill this page with old school good shit.



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