The source aka Papa Stellan video interview among other things.

So Papa Stellan is now doing press for Dragon tattoo I don’t know how I feel about it yet I still hate remakes it’s never really ever supersede  the orginal have you seen the original?!?  I did and I love it and the woman that play Lisebeth. We shall see, Papa Stellan is in it   so I might just see it on the big screen just to see him on there again he is great on the big screen he was in Thor. He is a quirky funny man no wonder him and Lars are BFFS forever they are kinda the same. I don’t know if this is a good thing tho, but I do know that there will be alot of awkward golden moments that’s for damn sure.

I really like his look here I love his sweater too and the colour it’s very fitting it plain and then there are some buttons on the shoulder A+ on the casual wear PS I got to say I like to see men in sweater there is something warming about it and them in it maybe because I like to cuddle that could be it.

He talks about his family and traveling and cooking and yeah I can see why he works so hard if he taking his family with him most of the time. That is expensive. I would love to cook with him maybe he could teach me a new recipe I know I could teach him more than one. It would be fun. He also talk about indies and filmaker and filmmaking budgets yeah if you look at the market now sadly it is a problem. Umm, thinking…

Here is another interview I am not feeling the combo here tho too many dark colours It makes it seems like I am just seeing his head floating and it’s bugging me out. But he is wearing glasses which I have to get use to I found this out last year seeing that I follow the fruit of his loins I found out alot of things. He kinda looks like a grandpa in here. Maybe Alexander should get on that. Or a professor

But speaking of film I saw a couple months back Some what a gentle man. Have you see it it was great, you should so watch it. It is so worth it. It was really good and Papa Stellan was stellar in it. Awesome Balls

It was really good I watched it a couple of times  it was a good indie with alot of awkward sexual moment

Like this one with this woman OMG every time dying with laughter especially this scene hahaha laughing even now. Sweet Jesus

Actually all the scene with this woman is LMFAO look at what she has on jesus

But yeah speaking of  sex I saw Papa Stellan jungle gym, I was not prepared but there it was BAM!! (okay not bam more like swung in view) in my face and on my screen and he was in a lady’s night gown. I did not need to see that it’s cool tho he is an actor and I can block it out and I did …not to say there was something wrong with it. I just choose to block it out like the time I walk in accidently on my mother getting it on what, that never happened taht’s called blocking out shit. Either ways why am I seeing every other dudes penis except Alexander Skarsgard Penis there much be a higher purpose/ reason for this like I will get to see it in front of me like real soon like Bam he standing there and it’s slapping me teasingly across the face. Yeah I am can def get down with that  D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y. Putting it out there.

Speaking about penis Papa Stellan is going to do porn with Lars LMFAO I kinda want to be on set but I def 100% I don’t too many akward sex moment not enough blocking memory loss left in me to do it. Have you seen the first bit of Antichrist hello please that shower scene Jesus there was penis in slow mo. So yeah The porno has Papa Stellan there will penis of some sorts. I am now prepared for blocking certain frames.

Lars Cinematography is the best out there I mean really, where I find  his story being way over done or WTF sometimes, his cinematography does leave me breathless most times and I very much appreciate them. Point I am very much intrigued about the porno especially since I read that William Dafoe  is in it remember said Antichrist trailer penis in slow mo … yeah that.. 

Also PS aka Papa Stellan was in a movie called  I have not seen it but hey this was before my time.

and Just because this is a post about THE Source aka Papa Stellan these are so cute and since xmas and family get together is upon us these are just adorable.


This too is very sweet even tho it looks like Alexander wasn’t having any of it.


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