Sup Hip hop, yeah I don’t even know what’s up no more.

So I was going to do a year in review but man I would be busy for the rest of the week but I got shit to do, so much shit bugging me and getting on my nerves so I  just decide to say a few thing like for example I don’t know what that pedo what the fuck his name is.(Jerry Sandusky ) isn’t lying in a gutter some where from serve beat down. I mean I don’t get violent (often, shocking) I can but it goes against my chi but this man what a piece of shit lower than any form of lower life form. Raping young boys and coming up with so much bull shit excuse. It’s times like these that I offer myself to beat him the fuck out of him like he owes me $5. Just give me 5 minutes a baseball bat a chain and lock up room. I don’t want him tied down either I want him to come at me so I can be more motivated to beat him down and if I fail to bring him close to death then yeah lock my ass up. Bastard! I can tell you this now if any of my kids was involved in this There would be no police report hell fucking no. He wouldn’t even make it to jail. NAW!! I wish to god he develop some severe new trait sexual disease that so painful that eat him right up all that we can do is put him in a even dirter pit and wait for him to die then burn his remains and vacuum suck his ashes and dump it. A bit too much hell no I am being humane him unlike him. Motherfucker. Someone should dump his wife in the Sahara dessert in a two piece without water if she survive great if not great.

Anyways back to my title. Sup with Hip hop when I look back I didn’t get down much with the hip to the hop, hell alot of shit been weak for years but just to highlight a few things that is bugging me. Jay Z man I haven’t been feeling tis dude or his cds in a long ass time. I mean I use to be on J to the Z shit like it was a prescriptied medication (high school) But now not so much. What can I say his shit just seem so sold out to me now and that makes me care less. Either ways here is a song with him and Kayne dumbass West called Otis and they ripped off The backing from Otis Redding Try a little tenderness which is hello a fucking good song but I am totally from the old cool school It never gets old and good song never are.

Anyways so these fool ripped the song from there and make this bullshit, talking about what the fuck I could care, models and expensive cars (what esle right?!)  that they have and we don’t and their sublimal messages bla bla. First of all why the fuck they destroy the car for! Just stupid man so that makes you coool that when you bored you can ripp up a car and have an indian dude in the background acting the fool and then have skinny model chicks in the back seat acting even more dumb stupid but my question is couldn’t y’all get some black skinny models to represent I mean come dude you two black men (used loosely)  One has a black wife who is maybe preggers (I am so not even going there, but I got to say I have my doubts about the whole thing and I wouldn’t put it pass B cause you know look at what he man doing, you know fame make people do stupid dumb things)

This song is lame and the vid is even more lame and Kanye and Jay z are Lame and the name of the title cd is Lame and Watch th Throne what now you both messiahs and Kings bla bla sure if you say so. You both need to stop sending stupid message to balck and white poor kids that they need to look fly and shit and have skinny model GF to be quote on quote make it and what other contrive message that this video and future videos will contain. He basically laughing at all y’all dumb ass who buy their shit, We getting money from under you, (really not mine bitch) it’s in the song man fucking listen. Everything is for sale huh Jay you trying to tell us  you sold your soul for cars and bitches alright then I ain’t mad or jelling about you, I just don’t want it that bad. But what evers He said he got his swagger back sorry dude Naw man your Swag went out with the windshield of the car and you did not invent Swag so cool it, Oh Kanye I know you a bitch ass you even scream like one.

I am not hatin on Jay Z but when  your shit lame and fuck up I wouldn’t be feeling it but but I am feeling this one It’s the first time in a long time I had his shit on instant rewind even tho the beat is ripped off from Dubstep, please their sole purpose is to hook your ass on their shit and hell I am hook on this one. It’s called All Alone.

Now let’s get to something else. Will I am Dude!!! If you are going to call your shit the Hardest thing ever make sure that shit is HARD cause you know what man this shit is Semi hard come on and Jello needs to go the fuck home with her 90’s dance steps Jesus what the fuck man I know you’re 42 but that shit is just whack and I could do without her vocal or 90’s dance flashback in this vid and why the hell you got Jagger acting the fool what the fuck is he talking about makes no god damn sense. I swear this song should be till 1:13 that  was the Hardest part and the rest needs to be erase from memory I ain’t going to lie tho if it’s played in the club I would be busting a move till 1:13 then jigging to the rest. Sadness!!

First part OMG this beat is so hard really do it’s more like this OMG this beat s so semi hard I had lady boner harder than this mess work hard Will and this beat is Not the hardest. Jello go home, Jello go home.


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