Fuck yeah I am so going to see this… it has Transformers cousins and Alexander Skarsgard in it and I am totally geek for Transformers, so yeah

Of course I am going for Alexander too, He sure is a fine ass motherfucker, Jesus take the wheel and start driving, he looks amazeballs even when he’s being blown the fuck up. hello please his face tho makes me but it looks fucking epic. I do likes me some blowing shit up sometimes for no damn reason, okay they want earth if you say SO. But come on you know they are only here to blow shit up cause they can and we stupid to try with our tiny ass guns, like hello where are those special secret weapons y’all working on why not bring them sucker out look at the story. Who the fuck takes a rubber boat to go meet an alien ship that is has tall as the World Trade Center that’s obviously packing. I mean come the fuck on I ain’t that slow and why Aliens always be coming down here to blow shit up and kill off people, why can’t they be like ET and go home. Go home motherfuckers go home but if they were receiving Jersey Shore and the Karshitan then yeah permission to kill shit and for the love of god blown those dumb asses up first and I got me a list of Celebs and politicians that just needs to be no more at least it wouldn’t have been in vain.

I see they got some Decepticons  in Alien suits in tis now if  Optimus Prime pops up half way through this shit I will lost it and would have to spend more money and watch it again Alexander and Optimus Prime, sweet lawd take me now.

I see they blow the shit out of my boo boo kitty but hey if you’re going to die might as well die Epicly.  (This is what I be saying when I see it coming at you boo, run boo boo run) But I can see this wouldn’t end well for the rest either and I hope to jesus that some where inbetween blowing something up, they end up blowing up Riri fake ass Bahamian mash up creole accent. Jesus H W Christ I hate to hear her speak, I ONLY listen to NOW a couple of her shit I mean songs.  I just can’t stand the mouth mash. All that money and still.. baby girl get you a speech coach. You on film girl,  mouth mash on the stage, speech coach for movies Ugh! That’s why they think black folks can’t read or talk proper the ones that are in the lame light just be talking stupid all the time (looking at you Kanye DUMBASS West)

Anyroo by the looks of this Alex is a goner (it’s gonna be the 2nd time  you get a face death and I am not going to say that the Directors were jealous much, naw man I am NOT going to say that) I remember when you said something along the lines of centrifuge and spinning at high speed and god damn that was fun.. so I am guessing tis is a mix up with your face and the glass the special effects looks amazing. I would say he is probably 30 to 35 max 40 min in the film. Which ain’t that bad. I would have love to see him blow shit up tho. Film like these leave the “show down” for almost the last they done want your ass to walk out too early on the film.

Either ways I’ll try to block out Riri Bahamian mouth mash because frankly you are in a english speaking movie and you’re making money so speak proper god damn. Represent in your music your culture and your dialect but frankly I don’t want to go in to the movies and be like. What did she just say and I know me some caribbean people but I am not paying to hear them talk I can Skype them. Come on Girl.

Click on the link for the vid if the other plays up with it’s Universal fuckery shit I mean come on man it’s fucking trailer tools, you want people to get jazz about it or what?!



Oh tis soundtrack I need to know what the name is and I need it on my Ipod. I am have a thing for movie OST.Oh the movie poster is Kick fucking ass too.

 I know I know it’s Taylor movie so I get the poster I saw something esle that he has coming out next year with the monkey and the Avatar looking people and what not (John some bullshit) that’s going to tank the trailer sucks (like a low budget Avatar flick WTF!!)and my motto is you know they put the good shit in the trailer and if that’s the best they got well the movie is gonna suck ass. Battleship is going to make money Trust. I am good at calling these things. It will be Taylor 2012 movie and you know what Alex’s too. Kudos to them both but I can’t give Riri no love her mouth mash makes me fucking angry.

Oh boo boo kitty in motion y’all God I love this motherfucker and everytime he is so fucking nice like this

I instant have a Brokeback mountain flashback.

No he is not being super pervy here

but oh don’t you just wish he would do tis to peek through your window.

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