He is alive but it doesn’t change anything I am even more frustated…. why beardy Skars my lady junction..o.O

bit extreme, of course but what’s fan gurling without extreme losing your shit.

But anyrooo here he is looking Oh lawd he is fine as hell and good to see he is just working and hopefully resting but in saying that  he looks really fucking tired dare I say worn. Not out but worn, but what do you expect he has been working like a mule the last couple of months. (big kudos for the work part of your life boo boo) but on a personal note Oh boo boo kitty came here and let me nurture you. and oh I am still not in his biosphere 

His face tho, I just want to make out with it for a long ass time…. just pay it so much attention UGH!! He has got the beardy thing still going on and god does it get my lady junction going it’s just make me have so many idea of what I need to be doing. It appeals to me and normally I am not into beards, but lord I want to have severe 3rd degree beard burns from him. UGH!! I really wouldn’t fucking care but see tis is why I should NOT come online, all it takes it one fucking Alexander pic and my caring goes into overdrive and my luster take over rational thinking.

But god I see tis all I can think of is I want to nurture him back to well, (look at him he is in need of some care bearing love and I want to give it to him) you know cook him breakfast and make him lunch and cook him dinner massage his tired bod, (yeah that would give us both pleasure)  just all round get well, feel better nurturing care. (I just want to see him feeling and looking/ doing good – well in all areas of his life)  I know, I know I am always talking about the sexing and having my way with him. (Tis feeling is still very, very strong) but   I would totally be all over him after he is well enough to please. But he look so tired here and he just looks like he needs a good taking care of not 5 star hotel taking care of No, no, no but I got someone who is looking out and after me taking care of which from the moment I saw him I wanted to offer it to him and afterwards he can repay me with gratuitous sexual favors. Oh just seeing him the mornings looking like tis would def  be compensation of the grant kind.

 hairy legs and beardy face with a Skars smile. le sigh. I might just die a little inside. Might

Oh is he filming?  I am confused now, does Eric Northman has a beard? I am confused. UGH! I can’t even deal  with TB bull right now.


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