Where the fuck is he already? He ain’t at my place, where you be at Alexander?.. FYI I got a week after xmas want to spend it with me?!

So where is the hot one god damn? I am missing his fine swedish ass already. This is what happens when you’re single and watch fineness from behind your screen . It only leads to bad sexual frustrated things. UGH! What the fuck!

It’s windy as a mother right now and cold UGH!! Just want to be all over someone (him, hello) UGH!! Sadness. Man 2012 is just around the corner man and I don’t know if I can be staring at this bitch for 2012 from behind my screen he fucks with my concentration and I can’t physical have him and devastate his body. Ugh! It’s just wrong and sad that the sexing is NOT happening.

But I about to change tis..I got me a whole free week after xmas till after New Years to do whatever the fucks I likes… (normally  I am already attached to something with someone but not tis year, but I assume being a grown up shortly afterwards) the thing is I would love to hibernate with this fine motherfucker until well someone yanks me away from him. But hey he’s  somewhere doing something without me. Maybe he’s got him a new girl and he is having some “Alone” “Getting to know you time” Cool it’s his life he can do with it what he will or maybe he just fucking tired from working like a mule. maybe he is locked in a room or hotel thinking about his next move… I wish he would bust a move in my direction, some how I feel like I been saying tis all year for the love of  maybe he’s drunk as fuck and don’t know where the fuck he is and he has no cell phone reception.  Which is okay but could you let a fan girl know you alive if I had your numba I would call you up and leave a sexy voicemail or dirty text message or address to come look me up so I can… be continued

Either ways I don’t know what and where Dr. Skarsgard is.. ( I might have an idea but…) So in the mean time I am going to sit down and think about my free what fuck (Alexander) I be doing (Alexander) week.

I like me my Askar but I am thinking of taming tis lust and maybe not blogging next year. I got a long list of things I need to be doing and I can’t do it while lusting after someone that I physical can’t be devastating on a daily basic, makes me sad and my lady junction fustrated and my lady junction is NOT use to being sexual frustrated.

Speaking of tis here is my naughty  girl music, tis is a couple Ciara music tis my girl her shit is So fucking tight and she is hot as fuck and she can fucking DANCE! I am sure she devastate whom ever  she allows around her lady junction. Tis is pretty much how my dirty dancing goes and it invites alot of attention some from guys that I find interesting and some not. All I know I am going to bring IN 2012 that’s all I fucking know. IF Askars don’t want to bring it in with me. (I would love to spend it with him) I will just have to amuse myslef and roll with my female entrouage and cause some sexual frustation of my own.

These vid dedicate to Alexander Skarsgard pretty much how I want to put on and devastate it.

This song right with JT, I bet he had a boner like no other and they had to cut alot and give him breaks to simmer down, rumor was that they got it on. Like Hello please Ciara was putting it on and please when it is on like that you have to be strong to say no and JT ain’t that strong.

Anyroo tis song from the first time I google image the hot one tis song pop in my head and I know I would make him believe in LOVE > SEX AND >MAGIC Oh yeah, just give him a chair and tell him to stay tune.. Even I am hot and bothered thinking about the performance just like he would be I need a refrigerator to cool my junction down. UGH!!

 No it’s more like can you give me you. Can You give me you? Alexander Skarsgard! For the love of my lady junction come over already. You are invited inside.

Tack! Santa.. it’s a starts would love it if I was unwrapping him the night before xmas but it wouldn’t be as quite as in the story. Hell fucking yeah!

Just owns me on cyber space UGH!.. I need to make it stop, if I can’t have him in real life fuck this cyber love. UGH!!

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