So it’s the 5 December and it’s time to get my Xmas on, where is the hot one tho… Missing his Swede finest like a awful lot. UGH!!!

I be getting my xmas on starting this week, I official get in the mood around now. Meaning getting out my xmas decor and start constant jingle bell  via my Ipod. Making my rum nog and getting a xmas buzz along with my xmas cakes and what ever esle I do which is basically eat and drink and wait for the sun to come back. I am not moaning OMG where is the sun yet. That’s normally starts around January, but it is god damn cold which leads to me to desire my human blanket AKA Alexander warm blood Skarsgård. 

He still refuses to spend his free time with me, Why?! dude Why?!  Then at least go outside so I can see some finest.. hello come out, come out where ever you are.

Pretty please with alot f lust on top. I could do with some Askar in motion too, yeah some Alexander Swag would be mighty appreciated.

I don’t really care where, by the beach… okay Not by the beach I couldn’t deal with you and sand and water and lovely view and me not there messing with your beach trunk so tis will do.

Or just standing around being fucking desirable

Or out with Mrs  Bauer van Straten would be cool too, I am sure she must have dear diary alot, I mean you’ve been away for a while now and I am sure she would like to tell you about it. Hell I have dear dairy too but it called this blog and it’s very public and everyone can read it but I don’t Curr..

lean against a wall a truck reading a book… Checking out your Ipad  to getting me a xmas present but hey tip for you, you in plastic wrappings or nothing at all is a jingle all the way to me… Can we say a fucking Merry jolly xmas. But seriously since you wouldn’t  come to me and spend some real quality time (For the love of gwad WHYS) a pic would be nice or a good warm up.


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