Just because he said douche bag it deserves an entire post.. lol at calling Papa Stellan douche bag

Lol like Kristen there… douchebag lol

but yeah Stellan was a douche bag in this, just be breaking dishware and throwing away good soup for no god damn reason and he was just annoying with his god damn tagline shit. She’s getting married tool.

But how sweet that Alexander and Papa Stellan are besties sweet, love it. Kinda like my mom I love her to death and I hope  we die together but man does she annoy the shit out of me sometime. One of the few people I tolerate when they irrate me. (cause I love her) But she carried and gave birth and was a good mom so the least I can do is walk her out and block her number temporary till I cool down. But in saying that the older I get the less she irrates me. Ummmm, looking back at this year we were cool for a great deal of  time. My mom the foundation to my sky craper.

Tis one because his mouth is so active here and his hands is teasing me (because it’s messing with his mouth) Oh he is so much more calmer now in his video interview. Like he knows his shit is alright. I’m digging 2011 Skars hell to the fucking yeah.

he is sexy and he knows it.


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