There should be a cleansing in HW in biblical form, I am still LMFAO about it The Coop is…

I know you have heard of chicken coop and bird coop holders then there is The Coop and apparently he is the Sexiest man alive. *really?! hold on a second there*yeah, then after that…

 The Coop! Sorry not a fan of his, he gives off major douche tool vibe and he speaks French.. douches always try or speak French it Solidifies  their douche toolness to make them seem sophisticated to the weaker females. Anyways I always get tis vibes that he takes girls/female souls to the underworld of where ever he is spawn from. Where ever the fuck that is. It’s his eyes they just don’t feel right and he is an average actor The Hangover was not sucessful because of him it was Alan but hey I do think he was playing true to himself. So HW needs to get a serious wash and remove some of whatever tis is… 90% of movies suck ass (tis is why downloads are here to stay, if they don’t switch up their shit) Music well it ain’t the same (thank god for Ipod, fuck radio) and mags of useless people doing useless things wanting me to spend hard working money on. If I was into drugs I would spend it on that quick pleasure that you actually feel (don’t do drugs kids it does fuck up your lives) but Bradley Cooper as Sexiest man?! alive….>>> see gif  

But I don’t listen to most of the nonsense that comes out or from that place for me The Sexiest man Alive is Alexander Skarsgard and I def want to see the passion in his pants.

Hello please!!

But I never needed People to tell me who is Sexy much less who is the sexiest man EVERA!

Even tis bitch from LMFAO in the turquiose animal print (and it gawd damn aweful prints too)is hotter and I would actually pick up a copy if he was on the cover.  For your viewing pleasure LMFAO because right now that’s exactly what I am doing at People’s choice and tis vid tho OMG funny.

So yeah Alexander knows he is sexy and he knows it, he has a huge passion in his pants (how come I didn’t come up with that, lol) he can wiggly wiggly it for me anytime. He is sexy and I do know.

so much visual assault on my eyeballs, god lawd but it sure is funny tho, still LMFAO

Wiggly, wiggly, wiggly yeah.


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