People is a commenting and I shall follow suit Alexander

In town to shoot The EastAlexander Skarsgard caught up with some work over lunch at Shreveport, La.’s, popular Indian restaurant Indigo. “He ordered the vegetarian meal and sat learning his script off his iPad,” sources tell us. The actor was “very nice – but kept to himself,” the source says. Skarsgard is expected to be in town until next month as he continues work on the film. – Jane Bokun
Indian veggie, the indians do make savoury indian veggie meals (yummy) it’s the spices they are great but you should come over and let me cook for you (I got  international recipe books and I pick up some recipes from travelling) and you can repay me in…. if you come over I will tell you. (sexual favors) But boo boo kitty I hope you are geting some rest tho, like a proper rest.  I sense you are pretty fucking tired, (you can’t function well if you don’t rest the bod and the mind) I shall never refuse your head laying on my boobage for resting or other purposes. But glad to hear you are busy DOING your job. I am sure you will be great. I believe in your magic and I love your potion. People need to stop screaming and moaning, wailing  where you at, already.
He is working people what’s wrong with y’all, I know noone really cares what you do and you care ALOT what he or who he is doing but come give the dude his space and  LET HIM DO HIS JOB and be awesome, you will see him again hopefully rested but I ain’t gonna lie tho. I FUCKING MISS HIM too, Like ALOT, ALOT  but I get it he is working and I am can’t be mad at THAT.

ALEXANDER SKARSGARD, 35<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
 photo | Alexander Skarsgard


Already crowned sexiest man alive in his native Sweden, the 35-year-old star has been wooing American audiences with his brooding portrayal as bad-boy vampire Eric Northman on True Blood. “It’s very flattering,” the newly single star says of the attention. “I turn a little pink!”

By gosh then I should never whisper the insanely savoury spicy sensual things I have in store for you then… don’t want you to explode. (pleasure intended)



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