so today is 11.11.11 that right there is an armageddon numerology if there ever was one, or someone’s wedding date

Just waiting for Bruce Willis and his oil drill (see what I did there, no?! Move on then) to save us from disater of the revelation kind but I am pretty sure it’s more likey gunna be someone (90% of people getting married tis year)  wedding date, please..chicks totally go for that kind of stuff OMG, OMG 11.11.11 is prefect he would never forget that after 3 drinks 3 years of marriage and sports he will (ok ok some due remember). But while I have my cheesy rom con moments as well and planning a wedding would be so much fun. There would be other things preoccupying my thoughts tho about my wedding day er night.>>>> Not that I need someone to offically tell me I am allow to get off and on my spouse (yeah I really don’t need another reason, none) if he was my hub nub yeah the act of god to say STOP.  So yeah, there would be other things preoccupying my thoughts on that day and I would totally slip in a quickie too, saywat fuck the hair and the dress. I so totally would TOTALLY (a quickie of what you say, lets keep some things for in the future but it starts with S and ends with a X yeah guess what that is. Guess!)

So while today may be the wonderful wedding day of some female and her family on the almost every part of the continient. I’m  just going sit here and stare at this pretty bitch and think about sexing and the F word (food) see! Ya thought I was going to say fuck. Didn’t ya well you are right. I was trying to be coy but who am I fooling def not my loins.

so I read one of your interview lately and you having issues with that “some people” are stuck on your purrdy face  well then  Alexander Johan Hjalmar Skarsgård with a face like tis how do you except one to NOt say you are fucking gorgeous. How!! Tell me so I can move on from all of tis. 

  but sweet jesus your face but yeah you are an ugly ass face motherfucker I don’t even know how you look at your self in the mirror without being sick to your stomach How?! Dude really,  your business is not to convince others that you are not just a face. It could be worst. Trust, everything in life as a postive and a negative it’s up to you to balance that scale that is your life. You have a gorgeous face that’s just your cross to bare and it’s not a heavy cross unless you make to be.

Your job is just to do your thing and do it very well and let them say afterwards he is a gorgeous motherfucker alright but he sure is talented. That’s your job, people will make up their minds and label you with or without you giving them aid don’t give them aid and the more you talk about it the more people will be fixated on Your gorgeous face which it totally is. Hello hej

Since we are talking about your purrrdy face (I am totally NOT shallow at all, you know why?!  I used NOT in capital in that sentence, see, see, yeah that’s what I am going with) more examples.

Hello Please>>>>>>>>>>>> see gif

but seriously dude don’t sweat it so much your job is to focus on being bad ass awesome in your work and kill it and make everyone swallow their jelling that is all. Be awesome and the he so gorgeous would only be the start of the sentence then they present you with an award.


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