So tis scene right is my fave of the whole season, ya know why Alex and winter sex Ugh!

Yeah tis scene I totally fucking love it. LOVE IT! I tell ya Whatever it was a great scene and the set decor was awesome and it so makes me green with fucking envy Green that I am not shagging Alexander in the snow while he rolls over me and …somewhere (Ice hotel sweden)  yeah def on my place to go it’s now winter and the desire to be there is dire and he def on my list of person I would love to shag on a religious daily basis. Envious I tell ya and that is NOT my style I don’t get envious there is (was) NOTHING I would desire so much to cause tis reaction But him God I  desire so fucking hard. UGH my being…

whom ever grants wishes are make dreams happen need to find my ass and give me a couple of ruby shoes so I can clap them together and say there is no place like being on top of Askars on shag sheets. UGH green with fucking envy.


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