Just a couple random importantness… vids

So tis vid right here still cracks me the fuck up it’s the bet youtube vid for me still. here you go Bert and Ernie gangsta style it so well done, so well done.

I do love Bert and Ernie hell I still love Seasame Street.

Then as the year comes to a close/ end I just like to post a couple Earth vids I don’t do merely enough as I would like to do to be active/ activist. I am mostly still just in direct surrounding and do what I need to do: like obsessing over paper and plastic and sorting it out and giving away my old shit to people in need and donate and being active where I can when I can. Recycle whatever can be recycled but I don’t do nearly as much as I should as a matter of fact none of us do. I want my future kids to be able to see the beautiful places and people and animals I have been fortunate to see. But sometimes I shake my head that, that mind not be possible it may just be too late.

I love nature, it impresses me much more than people do, have you ever seen a really stunningly beautiful sunset or landscape taht is so breathtaking you feel you some how stopped breathing well I have.  I hate using the word civilised and I hate civilisation (even o I do enjoy some of it’s perks like eletricity) because to be honest what good has it been doing for mankind or animal kind really. Education in most country are shit, or non existence,  kids are hypedup on unnecessary bullshit shows, clothes and stars and as the days and years go by they are getting vain. The list goes on really. I prefered  the word uncivilised humans you know the ones they used to call them when they discovered tribes and countries. I prefer them see they appreciated their surrounds and animals of course not all did but right now in this century in this time going into 2012 we all seem Disconnected to what is really important in life. The earth is dying and with it mankind. 

There are a laundry list of dire needs out there but don’t listen to me go watch the KK on E and whatever the other reality BS out there. A little distraction is good but to be disconnected from life well..

I love Dayvan Cowboys

I love Enya

and yes this post is brought to you by my preaching ass Deal look out your window and see how beautiful it is, isn’t that enough reason to care.

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