So this video right just makes me want never get off of him, Ever, ever, ever, ever, evera… Aka coming soon (I could go there but you know I already went, lol no seriously) interview

so here he is in a comfy chair and he looks let’s just say very inviting to sit on, cuddle up with bla bla.. Ugh like I need another reason, I really done need anymore reason to love/want him. I have plenty Gawd just makes me want to cry in Swedish you know what here this is how I feel right now NOT hitting this now right pass xmas and into the New Years he better be my xmas present tis year and he better come be my fire cracker for new years just sayin dude I still waiting now back to my creys..

okay that was a cute as vid he is just so fucking adorable UGH!! He needs to be on my couch (yes that is code word for my lady vaga)

 yeah that and  I be saying it with Ryan strong expression too every day motherfucker every Van damn day. I can say it in swedish too tack google translate:  Jag vill att ni alla, för alltid du och jag varje dag yeah confessing it’s good for the soul and lightens the spirt. I regret nuttin

 fucking adorable and UGH!! Makes me want to 

just because that face would lead to tis and we are back on the couch desire UGH!!


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