Memba when I said I want to make out with his face… well that hasn’t changed and for a long ass time too.. well that hasn’t changed either. Hey I really,really, really like kissing (him)

This is my uber fave Askar Kissing clip. it just does a whole lot of involuntary things to me and my loins. these tooWell here are some visual motivation not that I need an form of aid anymore I am pretty much on top and all over tis love lust for Alexander. I just need to be all over and on top of him.

 my Vagina 

Beautiful Alexander Skarsgard make out gifs are beautiful then tis happens… I ain’t getting none of dem lips on my lips….

 nope I ain’t not really .. nope I just thinking about onions and peeling them, yeah that.. then I empty the bucket of tears (i mean onions) and grab a towel and shout out Alexander Skarsgard tis is They say confession is good for the soul well I am can say my soul is good right about now.


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