Your fans tho they are NOT at all “committed” to their cause. Naw not at all

So like once you give off the scent of ease, they find your ass and when I say find your ass, they go to the  airport. I mean seeing you at a concert and taking a pic cool, waiting outside your hotel, alright, sure scanning flights and calculating schedules now alright then… That is NOT stalkerish at all NOPE > NOT > AT >ALL. AT ALL  They are indeed Committed to their cause. Well I guess they figure you will never ever go back there, so it’s now or never. They choose the NOW, god dammit. NOW why wait for NEVER. (It’s not set on watches either, darn) You don’t look a bit awkward at all, NOT one bit, Nope. But you  are tall you can out run them lol. I am sorry, you must have been felt up and squeeze so much/ objectified this last week. Well hello, what’s new. Poor boo boo kitty I can imagine it’s NOT all it cracks up to be. Come here and let me love you. I would only squeeze, grope, rub you only if you allow me too. (youhave to want and accept my offer, if otherwise, no enjoyment) Oh and stop being so grabby on boo boo kitty, ask him first, darn it. Women don’t lose your shit.

lol it almost look like you are being held hostage, but you are tall you can out run them, hopefully. LOL fangurls I swear. But I am sure you MADE THEIR LIVES YEP you made them happy bless you.

this footage is

is NOT NOT at all.

But seriously tho the reason I am jonesing, lusting, loving on you is you’re sweet and just too fucking adorable sometimes I feel the strong need to get an insulin shot and I am not diabetic but sometimes watching you I feel that I am.  Like tis clip too. Hello sweetness. My boo boo kitty.

Your fans tho, they sure are commited to their cause, I guess they really luvs you, I guess..

Again whys you NOT here spending all your free time with me, huh, dude c mon make it happen. Be my swedish santa claus. google map, call me. I am listed in the books.


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