God the love for you right now could fuel a small village

Seriously dude we should be practising the art of procreation among other things and after passing out from exhaustion wake up and  have some coffee and make some banana pancakes while preparing peaches and cream side treats as morning dessert without using a bowl. I can think of a place I would love to eat that from.(your bod) You need to be spending your free time with me. K TACK!! (stupid caps NOT BIG enough UGH!)

But seriously tho, Whys, whys you NOT HERE?!! This damn CAP is NOT working strong enough (you keep failing me keyboard) UGH!

 Jesus I love you, you need to come (pun intended) party hard and dance with me I think I desire tis much more, you on the dance floor getting your groove on, tis would please me so much then turn me on and then as they say Let the sexing beginning. God the want. Dammit!

 Beside the fact that your shirt is all crinkle up, (I don’t really care that much, it will be on the floor soon enough anyways)  your bod tho, your bod, I desire it so.

you should def be my human blanket. Look at you, I am looking. You need to come keep me warm. You just got too I don’t care if you want to see it as a charity (event, trust it kinda will be, lol), I’ll take it. I am sure somewhere you could write it as a tax off. BUT no Me, you should be having the kids, repopulating the nation and all that.

I love tis pic, of you just walking around minding your own bee wax and people just be all up in your grill cheese and snap you as you do your thing. But I like it tho, looks like a great view. Okay I am kinda jelling now. I miss the beach…


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