Alexander Skarsgård I love you so damn hard. So damn hard, UGH!! My emotions right now..

Yeah, you I love so damn hard not just right now but like all the damn time. GOD DAMMIT!!

So you enjoy your last days in Rio good for you, got your jazz hands up and fan gurlz were very happy and some still jizzing. How very sweet, kind of you to spread the love, Brazilian style. So many pics within a few days, god you are such a rock star. So All is fine with the world now no?! Hellz no, you are still not in my house and in my bed and your hands are not wrapped around me to keep me warm in the winter. I mean c mon what gives dude?! Not Kool, NOT K. O. O. L I try not to use too much eletricity ya  know saving the environment and all that jazz. Trying a way of naturally warming your self up is always a good plus so if you so please be my human blanket to keep me warm. K Tack! Of course I will return the favor and warm you up as well amongst other things. There are many fan pics I am just going to post the smiling ones. Love those.

You are indeed an HANDSOME MOTHERFUCKER But you already knew that 5 times mothefucker 5 times. Just make it 15 already. God you’re fucking Handsome and tan and in need of me having you in all unspeakable ways possible.

 Even when you tired smile it is great,

Oh god my Askars teeth fetish is flaring up, flaring up I tell ya, he needs to come to me and let’s make out. I am NOT kidding here, why are you NOT HERE!!!  Why is CAP so small? UGH!! (this cap is NOT bringing forth the desire out strong enough, dammit) so we can make out (for starters of course,) You got a couple more free days left. COME HERE AND let’s have the making out session and The SEX (Saywat did’t see that coming?!) of course you did.

You heard Eric Northman  Tack Eric Northamn good looking out.


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