Have you seen it? It’s so funny

Have you seen it?! The new Coldplay video for Paradise it’s so fucking funny I lOVE IT. I love Coldplay the band not the members. I pretty indifferent to Chris Martin. I don’t care either way and I don’t fancy him but I love Coldplay tho. I just love them since forever. This song tho makes no logically sense but I love it and this vid I love it too. I going to say it’sOne of their most Epics of vid. It’s so funny. There is so much funny in the world if you are willing to laugh about it. I know I find alot of things amusing and shit that made me laugh out loud and this did.

It’s not what I expected the vid to be but now I can’t see it any other way. Good stuff

Then there was stuff like this on the internet from Zach Braff aka JD with awesome caption like this A picture of me screwing one of my fans… LMFAO!!! That was brillant I tell ya, BRILLANT!!

Then there was an awesome follow up By the way, after I finished screwing that fan, it blew me all night. Funny shit. Love him and his sense of humor. LMFAO.

Since we are talking about funny I forgot to add this and I love her and some of her tunes, okay I love most of  them, I like her funky, funk style too and she seems pretty hardcore. But tis vid tho, makes me laugh out loud tis is Robyn getting down to her own shit and who can blame her it’s one of my favorite I always blast this shit in my car. This bitch is crazy tho, in a good way but man did she make me laugh and jam at the same time.

I mean her loving her shit makes me love it more, You got to love your sell if otherwise how do you expect me to. I FUCKING LOVE IT. I especially love when she got out of her chair went crazy on that beat and got her white girl on. LOVE IT!  You got to love what you do and enjoy it man if otherwise what the fuck is the point.

Then there is Dancehall Queen I love the trippy beat too. I should check her out in concert one of these days.


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