Dystra Alexander Skarsgård, his eyes speak to me tho..

Dystra In swedish it means miserable. Sometimes I think this motherfucker likes to be miserable you now like some actORS that think that makes thier craft better. Okay then if that works for you. But I swear if I didn’t know any better it’s like he was making it a point to look sad in these pics from last weekend. I mean he is an acTOR he could have fake it. But I am going to go with that he was/ is  really sad about something. I said before I love his eyes, I love staring at them. I see alot of emotions in them, when they sparkle they make Edward Cullen look gay wait a minute Edward Cullen is already gay but anyways. His eyes genuinely look sad in these and he wants you to see them. I guess. (So okay I see them and I feel your pain, now what dude, what’s your plan of action? Curious mind wants to know)

Like this one, his eyes well they speak to me. I got the message dude, you’re sad about something. Want to talk about it. I am still here waiting. Or you just want to be dystra about it.

Then like someone ask him to smile which he did, which is lovely because he has such a great smile but still, his eyes they speak to me.

While I appreciate the tightness of this pic. His shirt and pants hello, his tightness of apparel fucks with my concentration and speaks to my loins. But his eyes tho they speak to me more.. Like he is asking/wants a cuddle. I am not cold bitch ( I could be tho if I don’t like you) I can’t be with him even still now I want to cuddle him and let him rest his head on my boobage and let him talk and tell me what’s bumming him out (even tho I can think of a couple of things. ) I am STILL saying come here you torture MOTHERFUCKER and let me love you. Just come (pun intended too)and let me love you. UGH!! I care way too much about your well being. I STILL LOVE YOU BITCH. I Dos

Here he is in RIO none the less, Dude you couldn’t take me with you. So selfish of you. UGH!!  Looking Dystra again, Man, cheer up dude! Look at least happy about your professional fortunes. Like this girl who OMG so funny… love her, you just made her life dude, look how happy she is just to meet you and hey you are in RIO with Brazilian vaginas being thrown at you I guess (pretty sure about that) and beaches and good food etc, etc.. Be happy about your good fortunate and what ever is bumming you out release it or address it. You know it is easily solve because you already know the answer to that. Oh this dude also is cute has shit Love him too he just like it’s Alexander Skarsgard next to me but I am still keeping my shit cool no big deal. He is really cute tho. But that girl OMG she cracks me up. I can just imagine what went down in her head. People are happy to see you in a none english speaking country none the less. Be happy for your good fortunes and find the happy in it and stop being so Dystra about it. (one of my new favorite word.) Jesus if I was in Rio now I be fucking jazz about it. Be jazz about it dude put up your jazz hands. 

God he is so fucking hawt, I still desire him so much, he is the only human being I want to hibernate with this winter, he still is. I want him as my human blanket to keep me warm on my couch on my carpet under my sheets. Yes, I still desire/ lust/ love this bitch. Just give yourslef to me already I know you want to, better yet I know I want you to, google map / call me.

I appreciate the tightness of all of this, the shirt looks mighty fine on you sir and that pants, Oh jesus oh my loins. I want to kiss your neck and your hands and I want to make out with your hot lips for a long ass tme. UGH! Frustrations again. He is the SEX even when he looks sad and torture. (but I am sure he went tight cause he knows We,  (I) appreciate it, which I do)

But first let’s work on that sadness that is bothering you so.. shall we, Now if you excuse me I am going to chow down some red meat been craving them sucker since sunday. UGH!


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