So there is a opening right that I am NOT filling I should be in-between all of this. Like All the time.




Oh lawd this pic just became instant fave. I am clocking the nether regions and all this talk about fucking is making me think of one thing. (okay I am always thinking about fucking, like hello, look at him, ride it like a thoroughbred, sweet lawd, grind on it OMG this dog tho, lol)  Inbetween that open and on him. I would die from exhaustion. Just be on it for DAYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS… I couldn’t quit him I am sure of this shit. It would take Devine intervention to get me off of it.

Oh why the fuck are WE not fucking Alexander, Oh that’s right you in Sweden, be seeing you soon bitch, just fuck my life RIGHT now man. FUCK IT!!

Just going to place this right here.


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