We should be doing it right now, that is all.

So this is probably be his face when I show him these kama sutra positions.

Yeah the 69

Oops wrong files, but yeah I need to demonstrate some of them.

But no seriously, WTF I should NOT be staring at hot pics of him but actually watching him do the full monty for me while I flip through my sutra pages for the nights going into the days entertainment.

I do not know what is happening or being said here, cause All I know is I should be riding him right about now and until the end of the year and into 2012. He’s just all kinds of delicious. I am clocking his regions again. No surprise there, His pretty hands, his pecs fuck your bod tho. I need to be all over it. Seriously. Fuck I am going to be Askars depressed later. Dammit!

You look very tuff in this Alexander I dig it, I especially dig the tightness of the pants and shirt. You hot motherfucker, looks like you been shopping I think I just fell in love more. Just call me if you need me to rip off old ones off of you. That’s the deals they have to be on you so I can rip them off. Desire!


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