So last week to vote for Alexander. But I know he already won, winner is gonna win and all that.

So yeah just vote anyways but I know and if for some crack off their pipe reason he didn’t I might have to Kanye that shit and be like I a gonna let you finish but Alexander Skarsgard was the and is the best Vampire of all time. ALL TIME motherfuckers All time.

Did you know that this beautiful bitch was fan boying  for Bill Murray last year at Scream. Best award show ever, so many legends was there and I fan gurl for them all (even you Anna, I scream your name man and no love for BILL Murray) But anyways the handsome guy with a soul (I LOVE HIM)  Alexander he so did. I FUCKING LOVE YOU. I DO.

from 0:30 and 0:58 you can see fan boy Alex I love that bitch too and Oh Anna sat down. It’s Bill Murray man apparently Anna has no soul. NONE

This is from last year Alexander flashbacks but yeah he won if I am gonna Kanye that shit.

But vote anyways,, just because you are good minions and he love you back.



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