So Alexander is in Sweden. Again, without MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE WTF!! NOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo

First of all

then Alexander is in Sweden AGAIN without me being there

In a weird way I feel like someone actually just spit tis news on me

Okay one more time for frustration sake but

 Nope I ain’t really, but kinda sort maybe

But whatever Askars, It’s totally  for you to just show up in your OWN home country to meet up and spend time with your family and friends without letting me in on your weekly schedule/ flight itinerary. You know the means of communicating now is so huge and open and most of them free, so you have NO excuse for not encouraging me to stalk you down the street or pop up in your favorite restaurant/ cafe or just giving a fan gurl a heads up. GAWD! So it’s like that now?! That’s how we rolling without me and ish not cool dude NOT C-O-O-L DUDE!  but even tho I am kinda sorta mad mixed with disappointment. I kinda sorta really, really  really want to go back and find your ass just maybe to tell you off and 1930 slap you across the face

then kiss your cheek and lips and make it better then dramatically exit the room/street and come back in 5 minutes to say. I feel better now let’s have a drink. Hot coco anyone?!

But you know Sodermalm in the fall is well harder to run into you than in the summer, since most people are inside and what not and I have no idea, where you really hang out since I am totally a bad fan girl and my stalking is not really that exceptional and if I did make the effort I would be fucking pissed if I didn’t run into you and plus I have no idea how long your plans are to crash in Soder but cool. If I had def deeds on your where about I would make a insane move and come and find you.

Oh man there goes my fucking weekend, ugh Fuck my life right now, (the Askars bit that is)

Just because I feel I might be doing this for this long. LOL!!

So Alexander is in Sweden again WITHOUT ME!!

I swear

nope! Not one bit.


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