Our Unborn children and forest cabin is waiting for you to make a decision Alexander. Just saying’

Okay, Fuck I have shit to do but you’re addiction and I lust/love you so I’ll make the time, but seriously dude I am waiting for you to make a decision our unborn children and cabin in the forest demands this. Look at you, I am looking. Just hot for no god damn reason. Your fit and ready I am fit and ready let get ready together and Just do it. Like Nike man support the effort.

You’re walking in the wrong direction AGAIN Alexander, you need to google map me Boo.

Lusting Alexander Check, Askar teeth fetish double check, god dammit.

I LOVE YOU!! THAT’S ALL. OH you’re having/ had breakfast good on you, now that you have something in you, come and  repeat the favor with me the in you (me) part.

Again I LOVE YOU. YOU HOT MOTHERFUCKER. You are so Fine, I just want to climb you, Jelly beans was so living my dream. Climb you and nibble  and kiss you on your neck and rub my hands under your tee. Yeah my hands would never see the light of day. They will always most def be under your shirt tee, rub you DOWN. I got two hands one up stairs and one down stairs. If you don’t like to be caress in public and most def in private I am def NOT the lady for you. I be feeling you up like a blind person reading  Braille Just saying’ Moving to/along  the contours of your body. Yeah, that drool.

Speaking of feeling up this came to mind

just going to place this vid right here, yeah placing it right here.


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