The desire one in not so desire situation, Now I know he has really made it, sadly.

So it’s safe to say that he has now made it huh?! Well according to reports he has, he has “fans” swarming him like he is dead deer in the serengeti proves it. OH Shit, I feel bad for him, as I just stated people are so caught up in fame and the people involved in it. They are fixated to be see with or around one. I have been in his fandom for a while now and I have seen and read some crazy shit about him. But God what is wrong with people?! I would need to write a 200 page bible on that to answer that correctly.

But my advice to Alexander, you are the star that they want to  be around so don’t let them treat you like meat, applauses for your stamina mental and physical cause if I was working and then be bombarded by fame seekers then yeah, I would loose my shit. But also you never walk into the lion den with raw meat on you, you wear a protective suit and whip in hand. Alexander if you see a mob outside be it fans or robbers be prepared organize that shit. Get someone to tell these people to form a line in a orderly fashion then you will come and sign. People are crazy, people are especially crazy when they see the object of their affection close at hand. I went to Paley wouldN’T be doing that shit again, people will just be crazy for no god damn reason and I pretty sure I could have develop respiratory problem if I didn’t move out the pits of hell. (I called it that because people were getting viscous and pushing and huh, I almost kick a girls ass, almost) So in short if you are going to be kind to them be kind to yourself first and calm the madness just a bit and that can be helped if you send someone out there first to line, to be calm and cool and hold their shit together.

Okay so here are some pics from tumblr, He must have thought he was in Sparta, this is indeed madness and this is in the fucking night. Don’t you people have lives.

 fans that word always icks me as well  what does it mean really, does it mean you have the right to be a dick to the one you are suppose to like. Gawd! People sometimes I just can’t stand you all.

 Alex you’re a nice guy but look after your own well being, Alex first, fans second sorry that’s just bottom line.

You need a bouncer dude, way too close for comfort there and there is no escape OMG!! I could never corner myself like that. EVER!! DON’T Do it again do sort out tho.

 Just way too many people for so late in the night, That’s some hardcore shit, I am not this hardcore.

 Aww, his face here, he looks tired and wore, not out, Almost, he needs a break, do take a break, before you break cause tis shit is NOT good for anyone mental state. Sad boo boo kitty face makes me want to just Hug him (give him a decent good cuddle, squeeze, I like to do that, I always give a good hug squeeze, always) and love and kiss him on the forehead and let him rest his head on my boobage and fall asleep.

Awww, Alexander come to me and let me love you, just let me..


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