I know he is in a movie but god damn what they do to my boo boo kitty. aka Disconnect -ed from fashion sense.

Yeah so this is boo boo kitty in his new movie Disconnect, looks to me like they disconnected from a stylish but okay I get it, that what’s the role calls for fine. Not that it makes much of a difference I still would hit it hard and for a long ass time on a religious basis and on holidays.

He looks a bit tired tho, I worry, is he getting enough sleep, eating well, I feel like season 4 Sookie Stackhouse worrying about his safety and well being, this is before she got stupid again but okay I am not going there.

It doesn’t matter it’s not the clothes that counts it’s the person under it. I am actually intrigued in seeing this movie. It sounds good.

I love him, I do seriously no shit.

 yeah his smile is the shit. Just hot for no good damn reason.  I lust him so.

Don’t forget to VOTE!!! VOTE FOR HIM

Here is the link now partake in the action and click on it.



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