He said fuck nuff said… Sweet sexy dreams start with that word…

So here is a short clip of Alex saying Fuck and Fuck he sounds good saying that, I like to hear him speak, it gets me going.  But he so adorable and sweet I want to have my way with him for days with his approval of course if he is into to it the more fun and sexy it will be.

Anyroo he was speaking about Lars new flick with his dad in it and I posted the article earlier still so funny even funnier when Alex says that he does get to fuck his dad not him, Lars should put Alex in there and he should get to fuck. I would watch. Is my pervert showing?! I guess so. He does bring it out of me he does my perv, he needs to be in Sweden next week/weekend so I can have my way with him and his bod, tender loving caring him. desire, he needs to be there just to be away from the craziness of it for a while.

I am just going to leave this right here, right here. I need some of this action too, dear god.


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