Friday tunes, you may get depressed or uplifted that is up to you tho.

So UB40 did I say I love them so much love I have for them and their tunes, so much love. So here are a few of my faves from them.

The Earth dies screaming is the title and how true is that today, c’mon hurricane, storms, so much unnatural disasters and devastation going on and around, get from your computer and take part in a active action to do something to make shit better. We are Not doing enough as mankind to change the bullshit of the world.

It takes a village to save a nation, just saying.

Then this one I just love the whole thing, the beat, the vid all of it. This was 1985, I was a small fries back then but apparently I knew how to get my groove on even from a toddler so there you go.

Coldplay, I like the tune the lyrics well, I like the tune.


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