Fame and unfortunate along side the illusion that is the delusions of fandoms er fans

So I am back from a days of sorting, working and just living, but  Alexander has not been far from thought either, speaking of the desire one wtf  is up with his fandom this week. just all kinds of stupid crazy comments about SD and WTF moment that makes me ick.  I could go into greater details about this but why stop the fun huh. No, but seriously last weekend I have been chatting with a couple of essential about various things and fame was one of topic, it seem that we are now in the age of obessing about fame and the people involved in them, you know the ones we call stars.

Kids these days have no chance of being normal, 98% chance of not being normal they are being forced fed this BS that is NOT reality of how they should be or be seen, I call it programming, at least that what Conspiracist say, so I will just leave that word right there shall I. No! Don’t believe well when I was a kid seems like ages ago but it wasn’t that long ago really I had the pleasure of living and getting dirty and hurt and having fun OUTSIDE. Now when kids get hurt or scratch that from dropping the remote or walking up too close against the kitchen cupboard and getting a boo boo,  Now  kids OUTSIDE is in cyberspace. They spend hours behind something be it computers, phone, pad etc etc the point is they are so jacked it’s SCREWED and are being SCREWED with mentally. Don’t believe let me Dr.PHIL further, Disney is the worst evil out there, Don’t believe look at their “stars” when was the last time you saw Britney look sane and Happy about anything and she has money and fame, me the last time was hit me baby one more time. That title is still disturbing till this day. The video was made for Pedo okay, please, I mean come on have you seen it and this is what young girls watch on a daily basis DAILY!! But it wasn’t that bad back then that was the late 90’s but now all Disney girls are made out to be straight out  SEX KITTEN. Yeah you read correctly SEX KITTEN, there are  no music really these days, just fucking tunes all of them and what they do is sell SEX (read Brit brit lyrics and tell me she ain’t advertising sex and having it any which way, hell Miley is grabbing that skank title too)  and the dudes sell the girls as Hoes, Great huh! But not  if you are a female.

All these female “Artist” are selling kids soft porn and their parents let them buy into it and then turn around and buy hooker clothes for 7 year olds, please have you seen little girls style  these days, basically hookers in training sad but true. Very frightening since all of these girl shouldn’t know what hooker in training looks like but that’s their school clothes. God the irritation just makes me want to slap somebody. So Yeah I am not down with Disney, Just like Apple their shit is way too expenses and they (the Disney kids are poisoning the youths of today) But I wouldn’t Blame it all on Disney everything in life is 50/50 please you are all involved in the game (which you are) and in the end you’re the one getting the results. I just don’t know what will be the gerenation of today in 10 years (yes) I said Ten it’s that bad, girls with low self esteem, image issues and low self worth it’s huge part of the machine called buy into the shit we are selling you stupid.

But in the end kids have parents right?! It’s your job to protect and shield what they see and don’t see right, Parents are responsible for their children daily in take and views on life.  But parents are being worked on as well, Please don’t believe , well Hollywood yeah them, what Disney starts on the Hollyweird finishes or concrete in you,  everyone is sucked in this vortex of fabricated delusions,  I have a point it’s taking a while but I will get there. Just wait a sec.

It’s not only the kids spending most of their lives behind the computer or screen of some sort, I am online too but duh I limit my madness to certain things but some are all over the place and their lusts go far and wide and into many different faces. Twilight for one is a great eg of Delusion of all ages you have the kids and their moms fan gurling over Taylor or Rpatz it’s very disturbing I mean some of these females are like 50  and shit and they are lusting after 18 years olds disturbed yet? Well you should be. So if moms are too busy making shrines for 18 year old Twi boys what chance does a 12 year old have?! Not much so who are rising these kids,TV what is TV telling you be famous, love fame, desire famous people and what do we have in the end. Shining Unhappy people, the state of the world in 10 years does NOT look good.

I never use to be online talking about celebs, I normally never care, I still don’t to some point, they make more money than I do (sure) but that doesn’t make them any better or happier that I am. I normally just appreciate their work, watch their shit and carried on with my life This is how it should be, far  away while enjoying and living your life  and this is in the wonder years mind you. Now I lust Askars I still don’t know what that is all about (I am waiting Universe for the end result) I would like to think there is something there I find appealing about him on deeper level. I would like to think of him as a person(which I totally do)  with feelings and drama and emotions just like the rest of us and I like to put myself in his shoes and not be a crazy freak and freak him out. I made fun/ funny post of things I would like to do to him some of this is very true some of it is a joke. But in the end I would never RAPE HIM! God no, Rape is never a good word or action, even saying it kills something inside.  I would offer the sexy time and behave like a normal person should, you know flirting, whipping my hair bla bla lol, if he accept sweet,  if not I would be crushed (surely) and move on steadily. I would never treat him as meat, cause I would never like anyone to treat me as such. You know that saying Treat Others how you would like to be treated. Yeah, that. He may be a product in the biz of show but he is not Meat and he should NOT be treated as such, nor any other celebs.

But most of us are too brain dead or brain un aware that our stupid is showing that we just go through the spins of life and continue being dumb to the game, this is mainly because as stated we are too long and too often in the matrix that is ONLINE the worst thing to happen to mankind is the WWW. COM Technology is not our friend it keep us from experiencing the real that is real life. You know go outside and greeting real people NOT  the 500 people following or are reading your tweets.  We think we are so connected but it is merely the opposite we are so Disconnected (the title of Alex movie)  I’ll called you, text me, I FB you, tweet me, follow me all from behind some screen. God! the world in 10 years it’s going to be fuck up and Disney and HW is right all up in there fucking with your minds and your kids minds and making crazy shining unhappy people.

Cause in the end of the day most of us don’t really give a shit about these people we just want to be in their space to have a bit of their fame for at least ten seconds or minute and then report back I met him or her and I am going to die, But did you die?! Did life change much, not really huh, but  to be close to that star that we think are shining brightly and if only it was me or  if only he were mine I would be so much happier, right?! Right! Ponder that while you’re outside looking at the nature around you, that’s beautiful. It autumn in a few days the change of the season. One of my favorite season change so beautiful the colours, the air, the fall of the leaves everything, and who know maybe you be surprised at the answers you find. Hopefully!!

PPS BTW I can’t stand the NOW Lady Gaga when her shit was mild I could tolerate now she is just a laughing stock and her followers are idiots, her lyrics are even more stupid and her style well please she had none I so over that GAGA. OVER !! The Title speaks for it’s self now. FAME MONSTER applies to the artist and the followers.


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