Understandable face for an uncomfortable situation aka Straws Dogs whatever

So here is boo boo kitty looking fierce as fuck in his CK suit. “fucking fierce” Which I am loving the fuck out of . But his face tho This is what they in the biz call Professionalism, no matter what you have shit to sell, you sell it. But his face is really saying. I am blocking this chick out, I am block this chick out and 5 mo minutes, 5 mo minutes I be so done with all of this.

Well guess what, this is and was your week of I am over and done with both of yous, You did your thing, moving on is holding out his hands and waiting for you to take it to better and brighter and happier things, it can’t rain all  the time and drama should be left to drama classes.  Your career is rocketing, Did I say he was going to be huge, correction Gigantic!!!  He so will be,  mark my blogger fan gurling words. GIGANTIC!! I am so over TB and all it’s BS it’s holding you back, the scripts are sucking way hard they need to release the swede so he can rule the screen “RULE” I tell you.

But on that note, seeing your discomfort only makes me want to huge and comfort you so much more so  Just let me love you already, reaching out with arms wide open…

so I was on tumblr and berry posted this song from Bon Iver I like him, this song is fitting for the moment, I love the piano so here Bon Iver for you Boo…

Better, brighter and happier things are awaiting you Alexander Skarsgård I am sure of this.


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