So lets get the random Bullshit out the way.. Aka Joe Maggienoodle is whatever

So my friend right infromed me of something she feels I need to know, I don’t know what I did to make her believe I gave or is getting a flying fuck about tis recent intel cause really The fucks I could give, the care I could donate to tis is ———0

So she mail me with breaking news. I thought for a sceond a whale was beached or monkey was moon walking or something that impressive but no Joe Maggienoodle is Single. hold on a second and let me put that  in my    okay wait a minute let me process further  she totally digs him but really she means his mussels (i personal think his sea fruit is short just sayin’) but still back to post this is also (the) friend that likes Twilight and wants me to go see it with her, (we are not going there)  do you see how she is testing my love for her, pushing it is now becoming an understatement. I guess someone is hoping (Joe) now that he will be getting more serving of tuna, like hunger people more choices at an all you can eat buffet, okay then, hold on to that delusion Joe Maggienoodle hold on, but back to post Joe Maggienoodle is Single and anything to do with Joe Maggienoodle Yeah this post was brought to you by My friend, is now on my friend reconsideration 2012. Yeah she is pushing it, really


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