Alexander in motion, talking and being awesome cute funny, desire aka Alexander Skarsgård on Jimmy Fallon

I am pretty sure, without fail that granny Skars can drink me over and under the table, so funny hearing this. I  had granny Skars flash backs, I am sure she is awesome she looked that way and I love that they all still hang around and drink with her. I approve of the family bonding with or without the alcohol. I love that he loves his granny too and want her to be around. Too fucking cute. She don’t care what he says about her, that’s just how she rolls. Now I need to see me some tipsy Granny Skars I bet it would be Epic.

Who is oh so fine as hell?  Yes you are still hot as fuck and fine as hell.

Oh and just to be clear Systembolaget is a liquor store where you have to get a ticket and buy liquor so NOT a bar but I am sure Granny Skars in her hay days and now knew how to get down and could roll with the best of them. Alright now.  Say it with me GOOD TIMES, GOOD TIMES!!!


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