The Season finale of TB. Aka you almost got a True death too, well at least alot of people were getting true death dish out. Hell! I like typing true death. You don’t like it?! True death for you.

So once again the moon is full and the teams are sad, TB season 4 is at it’s end (oh this post is brought to you by end BTW death too) So alot of WTF and rejoicing going on and all I can say it wasn’t that bad but okay, I have high expectations and I stick to the writers need to get a hard on for sups like stat. Alexander just stated that he has maybe 2 more season left. After watching I feel that TB has 2 more season left if it’s with these writers and they are pushing that fact too. I can’t see pass this making it to season 7 I can’t too many holes in the bucket too many weak leads. Sookie Stackhouse IMO is the worst, (meaning weakest  lead character ever, and I am being kind here)

So they kill off alot, Jesus for starters

I concur,  his end was needed. I am not really  sad at all. Cold huh?! Not really, I didn’t care much for his character so…

Then there was Marnie lala okay then.. The Marnie letting go crap.  God can we not even touch that scene, The blow out of the whole witch shit irate me to no end,  behind the smoke and mirrors it wasn’t really saying or doing nothing much. Lala in a moo moo good lawd, there is never any reason to wear a moo moo and especially not with cowboy boots. WTF NOW!! Plus NO ONE and I mean NOONE ever looks good in it.

Then they killed Tara which leads me to believe that they didn’t know WTF to do with character anymore they were out of ideas, she has been dragging around now for so many seasons which is so sad, they could have done so much for her character to make her awesome. But hell look at Sookie character and she is the lead so Tara was a dead bitch walking anyways. Actually they could do so much for TB to make it so fucking awesome. (hards ons for Sups again hence 2 more seasons)

It was far better end than last year no doubt about that, but the thing with TB is you think they are going one way (awesome but then they don’t and it ends up being LAME) disappointment!!

Alot of sets up shown but I am not going get my panties in a binder yet. Wait and See they say, So Sookie was kinda sorta, maybe awesome in the end when she kill Debbie, I would kill a bitch too if she killed my bestie in the kitchen but unlike Sookie there would be no hesitation Bitch must die. BUT this love traingle thing UGH!! I am so over it…

 Was that too harsh?!  Not even close. Pretty much how I see it now. I don’t care anymore if or who she ends up with they fuck it up as far as I am concern and I can’t  muster enough care to give a shit anymore. UGH!! Whatever Ball.

UGH!! This dumb bitch UGH!!

 Do you see why I could fucking care either way. UGH!

 All in all this story line and the triangle shit. I do not want no more.  God makes me want to watch Twilight UGH or even worst breaking dawn or now that some fuck up scary  shit and I fucking don’t want to.

 You kill Nan she was a bitch but a fucking awesome bitch.  Now that’s killing for no god damn reason I don’t care much for it either.  Sorry when you’re awesome you are awesome. But seriously TB I can’t fucking care anymore about any of your shit. WTF ever moving on steadily.  I give TB Finale a F+ for fuckery. Yayyy!

Ps Jason and Jess doing it in a red cape was awesome the perv in me was pleased.

 here’s to hoping they fuck much much more for next season for no god damn reason just random awesome fucking ALL the TIME cause I enough their sexing.


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