Bad Jelly Bean, bad girl those swedish meatballs are too big for you. Now in my case, I’ll take a couple of servings Tack!

LMFAO C’mon Jelly that’s way too much for you to handle. OMG!!I am convince she knew all along what her plan was devious little spawn. I must enlist for lesson. Or did someone on set ask her to do that either way. Beans don’t harm the swedish nuts I have yet to try them. Just sayin’ I did say that she was a riot and obviously she is.

 LOL this kid, I swear.  Her face tho

his cuteness and sweetest with her  OMG  Okay so that grey hair dude next to Alex in the black vest and plaid, he like fucking hot okay.

 Hey  Moore I love your hoooker heels. I have me similar but they are boots. I need to dust off them sucker and wear them some where and get my hoe on. Just sayin’


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