I love your face and I embrace your beauty so deal with that Alexander and let me love you. AKA his Men Journal Pretty Handsome man Pic

Your face tho is so pretty handsome but that is not why I love you tho….but it does pleases my eyes and your bod pleases my loins. so that right there you make me cyber happy.

 You are. But I do love the real you, the normal everyday I am looking  homeless swedish dude and I need me a good woman vibe. I will FFF you no worries.

I love your awkward out of place I don’t know why people find me cute face. Makes me love you so…

 I want to make out with your face for a really long time

 I want to rub my hands on your legs and your body for an even longer time . You are wearing shorts and Hammarby tee desire.. I can see your hairy legs (love them just want to

 OH god here comes my I am not hitting it constantly 

Just because I am in a old school flashback musik and the sight of your hairy legs does things to my loins.

I love these lip syncing Motherfuckers. They not only manage to lip sync their way through a career but they managed to dance in dem shoulder pad jacket and tights and dem boots good lawd.

Change the girl to guy and it meant for you.

How much do I love  this song no amount can suffice to my love for it I loved Elvis version my UB4o I love dem and their island soul jam.


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